Hey guys! I moved from HolyHijacker(formerly formyhijackart) to here now because I felt it would be so much nicer to ask things, maybe RP ~(( I can RP almost anyone from httyd and rotg, and selective people/main characters from other movies))~ and such from here now. I am warning you all now I get sidetracked hella often and I'm sorry if I delay on any kind of request or whatever it is! Also I decided to start having opinions and reblog things, crazy right?! So please stick around and maybe chat with me?

Feel free to cal me Mel, Meli, Lissa, or Melissa?

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I’ve come to the sudden and violent feeling realization that Ariel and Hiccup would be best friends

Hiccup would be so snarky, like ‘yeah, Ariel, I’m pretty sure that’s how you use a fork’ and Ariel would twirl it in her hair and look proud of herself and then Hiccup would feel too bad to tell her that she was wrong and next thing he knows he has forks weaved into his braids and yeah, I agree with you. :3

Can you imagine hiccup trying to invent something to breathe underwater because Ariel pulled a prank on him and escaped into the sea? And Flounder and Toothless are like “HUMANS NO” when Ariel gets her legs and Hiccup decides that the only way she could get Eric’s attention is punching him effectively in the shoulder and he teaches her how to fight to impress that prince? xD


Werewolf pun’d pick up lines anyone?

I wanna figure out how many werewolf puns we can make as pick-up lines so I’m gonna start with one and anyone can feel free to send me a message and I can add it to this list or throw on an answer~

So lets start with the first generic one:

-I’m a Lycan your style ;D

-The moon really brings out the animal in me too ;)

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