Hey guys! I moved from HolyHijacker(formerly formyhijackart) to here now because I felt it would be so much nicer to ask things, maybe RP and such from here now. I decided to start having opinions and reblog things, crazy right?! So please stick around and let me know of any things that I can do to be sure that I don't ruin Httyd2 for you or alert me to any trigger warnings you see to much on my blog without a tag!
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Aww thanks darling! You’re wonderful!!!!
Huh okay let’s see? ( I hope I haven’t run out of nice things to say about myself xD)
-My imagination is pretty cool
-my capacity of second chances is impeccable
-Man am I proud of my temper when properly invoked
-my freckles are nice to look at
-I got a birthmark of a cloud on my leg and it looks nice~

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Huffing, Jack sets the last box up on a shelf in the back. Stretching his arms, he yawns and questions quietly to himself how he could be awake so early. Stepping back slowly, taking a quick survey of the room to be sure everything is placed in the correct area, Jack grins and twists around only to smack into the wall he unconsciously gotten closer to. Groaning, he hopes his co-worker wasn’t in yet to see this embarrassing maneuver.

Hiccup, Jack’s co-worker, happened to have walked in at that very moment. He snorted loudly at the scene that had just occurred in front of him. “Wow! Amazing job, Jack!” Hiccup snickered loudly. He rolled his eyes and walked into the Employee Lounge to drop of his stuff. He was still snickering about it the whole way back.

"How’s your head? Did it hurt anything, oh wait, you’ve been hit in the head so many times that this is just a scratch." Hiccup stuck his tongue out at Jack, playfully.

An angry, embarrassing red hue covered Jack’s face and he shouted back, “Oh get off your high horse you klutzy dingous!” Hiccup just continued snickering and rolled his eyes as he stepped into the Employee Lounge. Pouting, the white bleached haired teen rubbed his face and grumbled obscenities under his breath. The door to the Lounge swung open revealing Hiccup still amused at Jack’s expense. Twitching from Hic’s teasing questions he took quick steps to get into the younger boy’s personal space. Leaning close enough to his face for their foreheads to touch, Jack raised a hand and poked the others nose and threatened “You shall tell, no one. Now come on, we need to check the shop for trash.” He leaned away swiftly and headed out to the front with his face a light pink cursing in his head 'DIDN'T THINK THAT THROUGH. Too close, damn his and his pretty eyes' and began examining the tables for trash to distract himself.

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Why I haven’t answered back in a RP:






1. I am NOT ignoring you.
2. I am trying to think if a reply.
3. I’m not up to it at that moment.
4. Tumblr ate it.



7. RL is being a little shit

8. I’m a complete idiot and lost it.

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I like how when Toothless was first controlled by the Bewilderbeast, Hiccup tried yelling to snap Toothless out of it, but it didn’t work. But the second time, Hiccup spoke in a softer tone and Toothless was able to get out of the Bewilderbeast’s control. So like yelling doesn’t work

You’re the one who destroys my soul on occasion, but this is close to obliterating me now